Absolute AMOSIN-angle measurement systems

Absolute AMOSIN-angle measurement systems are available for both Inside and Outside Diameter Ring Scale scanning, based on our Inductive measuring principle.

WMFA / WMRA - Measuring Flange with Ring Scale or Ring Scale

Standard diameters from 80mm to 652mm are currently available with non-standard sizes possible.  Measurement accuracy in classes as follows: ±3µm, ±5μm or ±10μm arc length.

WMKA - Encoder Head

Our encoder heads have a high degree of protection IP 67 rating with immunity to contamination. Available system resolutions: 1 or 0.25 micron arc length.

Absolute interfaces are available:

  • SSI + 1Vpp
  • BiSS / C
  • Fanuc interface
  • EnDat

Typical Applications

  • Direct Drive Torque Motors
  • Rotary and Tilt axes (Pan and Tilt Camera and/or Azimuth and Elevation)
  • Rotary Tables

Modular Angle Encoders

DRIVE CLiQ Certificate

FANUC Zertifikat