Angular measuring system with multi-head scanning

The AMOSIN angle measuring systems with multi-head scanning allow for circular and rotating axes enable absolute accuracy down to a few arc seconds.

Eliminated is the influence of an eccentric mounting on the positioning accuracy of the measuring flange, and the system accuracy of the measurement system is increased by at least a factor of four times better as compared with a one encoder head measurement system.

There are two types of measuring system:

MHS - Multiple Head Solution

The MHS-angle measuring system consists of a measuring flange or ring scale, 2 encoder heads and the signal processing electronics unit.  The dual head design eliminates the dynamic in-motion eccentricity effect as the axis rotates due to external side forces on the axis and increases system accuracy by a factor 2.

CHS - Head Calibration Solution

The CHS angle measuring system consists of a measuring flange or ring scale, an encoder head and signal processing electronics unit.

Temporarily mounting a Calibrating Encoder Head at the 90, 180, and 270 deg positions relative to the encoder head, and simply by rotating the ring scale a full rotation removes positioning errors caused by eccentric mounting of the measuring flange. The system accuracy can be increased depending on calibration at a minimum up to a factor of 4.

There is a cost advantage of a CHS angle measurement system since only one encoder head is required for the system in operation versus the two encoder head MHS system, with the one-time calibration performed during initial machine setup.  No external calibrating device, i.e. Laser Interferometer or Master Angle Encoder required.

Both MHS and CHS measuring system designs are variations of our standard products that are presented in our Angle Measuring System single encoder head systems catalog.

A more detailed description of the scanning head can be found here.

MHS / CHS Functional Description

MHS / CHS Functional Description

Modular Angle Encoders

Modular Angle Encoders