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Spindle Encoder WMK 3010S

The WMK 3010S is a spindle encoder with implemented capture of operating status data. This sensor is designed for the use in main spindles in milling and turning applications and is equipped with an incremental 1Vpp interface.


As an inductive modular encoder the WMK 3010S consists a scale tape ring and a scanning head. The design features of the modular encoder assure comparably fast moun­ting and easy adjust.

Spindelgeber und Gitterband_NEU

All spindle encoders WMK 3010S are supporting an operating status data acquisition. The sensor is capturing operating data as for example speed, operating time, temperature and so forth. Captured data can be downloaded from the sensor offline using an integrated USB-interface.


  • Integrated capture of operating status data
  • High robustness due to the inductive scanning principle
  • Compact design
  • Easy mounting procedure
  • High maximum speed
  • One reading head for all scale tape sizes
  • Mechanical fault exclusion for scale tape ring and scanning head.

Operating Status Data


The spindle encoder WMK 3010S supports in addition a capturing of operating status data. During standard operation of the sensor in the application operating data are captured and stored in a nonvolatile memory.

The STU-60 supports the configuration of essential application specific data as for example speed and temperature range individually during commissioning.

Captured operating status data can be downloaded from the sensor offline. The AMO-Check software offers tables and histograms to visualize the captured operating status data.

The actual software version is available on the AMO-Homepage.


The collected data are divided into three categories:

  • Periodic data
  • Status-based data
  • Status-triggered data
Speed over Temperature Histogram

Periodic data records relevant information about the mileage of the axis during the entire period of use. Histograms are available as an evaluation for the recorded speed and temperature values. These histograms visualizing how the operating hours in relation to speed or temperature ranges and can be configured by the OEM according to the application requirements during commissioning.


Status-based data stores the extreme values of important parameters occurred over the entire operating time. All stored extreme values are provided with a time stamp.


Status-triggered data stores a data record with all essential information when the specified signal amplitude or operating temperature of the speed sensor is exceeded or undershot. The data records are provided with a time stamp.


Flexible Mounting


To ensure the proper function of the spindle encoder, the scale tape ring and the scanning head must be aligned accurately to each other. For this purpose, the available mechanical designs of the scanning heads are equipped with a groove on the back. Therefore, two recommended mounting variants are available.

Mounting variant 1


The mounting surface is equipped with a groove. The scanning head will be mounted using a sliding block which is included in delivery.


Mounting variant 2


The scanning head will be mounted via two dowel pins. The dowel pins are assuring the correct positioning of the scanning head in tangential direction.


In order to finally mount the scanning head, the provided spacer foil is applied to the surface of the circumferential scale drum. The scanning head is pressed against the foil, fastened and the foil is removed.

Therefore for mounting the scanning head no additional mechanical tooling are necessary.


Any Scale Rings


The well-established design for the grating as a scale tape ring has also been retained for the spindle encoder.

All sizes of scale tape rings can be scanned with one scanning head variant.


Available standard scale tape sizes:

Other line counts can be realized on request.
Scale tape rings mounted on a customized measuring flange are also available on request.

Alternatively, a WMK3010S scanning head is also capable to scan gearwheels with module 03 as used in main spindles very often.
Since there are many different versions of gearwheels used, AMO’s technical sales department should be consulted in advance regarding the suitability of the particular gearwheel as a grating.


Simple Diagnosis


The spindle encoder can be easily analyzed using the STU-60 diagnostic tool and the “AMO-Check” software provided by AMO.


Among others the following functions are available:


      • Configuration and readout of operating status data
      • Querying the electronic type plate
      • Verification of the correct mounting of the scanning head
      • Checking of the 1Vpp and the reference signals
      • Record-Funktion for recording measurement data


Further information is available in the STU-60 manual.