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Angular Measuring Encoders for inside scanning

Ring Scales

The AMO Ring Scales are made from stainless steel. There are an extensive number of ring scale sizes available, ask an AMO representative for a size that would fit your installation. Customer specific sizes in any diameter from approximately 160 mm up to several meters. All sizes of ring scales are available in the various accuracy classes. Installation is surprisingly simple, and robust in operation.

Scanning heads

The scanning heads have a high degree of protection and immunity to contamination, rated at IP 67. For small sizes there is the miniature scanning head with external electronics, and a larger sized head with the electronics integrated directly into the encoder head. Encoder output can be 1Vpp Sine wave or TTL (RS422).

Typical Applications

  • Direct drives
  • Round tables
  • Rotary axes
  • C-axis
  • Printing machines
  • Sheet metal working machines
  • Medical devices
  • Robotic
Brochure Angle Encoders
Selection table, angle measuring encoder for inside scanning