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The focus of AMO is to develop, production and distribution of linear and angular measuring systems for motion control feedback applications based on the Inductive sensing AMOSIN®.

 The Inductive sensing method combines the accuracy of the optical encoders and the robustness of the magnetic encoders.

AMOSIN® is used for accurate, dynamic positioning in precision machinery, even under harsh environmental conditions.

The AMOSIN® measuring method has great potential for custom applications and developments, and the AMO family of linear and angular measurement encoders will continue to expand.

A few of the applications for the AMO encoders are machine tools and other related sheet metal and metal working equipment, medical technology machines, printing machines, special equipment for the electronics and semiconductor manufacturing, and the automotive and aerospace industries.

AMO, the company stands for flexibility in solving special measurement tasks and in meeting customer requirements for production series machines.  We are representative in most of industrialized countries.


A new powerful generation of linear and angular measuring encoders – unlike any optical or magnetic encoder, has been developed based on our AMOSIN® Inductive technology, where  high-precision is achieved by scanning stainless steel photolithographically etched structures with sophisticated inductive sensors and processing the signals with proprietary integrated electronics (ASIC).

The AMOSIN® length measuring encoders can be supplied as open non-contact encoder or as a non-contact guided linear guideway rail as an alternative to encapsulated (extrusion) optical encoders.

The angle measurement encoders are Ring Scales with open hollow large bore thru holes and have non-contact inductive scanning of the graduation pattern ring with no coupling or mechanical connection, for easier application to rotary feedback applications.


AMOSIN® - Measuring Principle

The AMOSIN® encoders operate on the principle of a transformer with a moving reluctance. The mutual inductance of the primary and secondary windings of a transformer changes depending on the relative position with respect to the core. The AMOSIN® system (Fig. 1) consists of a planar micro-coil structure and a measurement scale. The coil structure with a plurality of coils aligned in the direction of measurement (individual sets of micro-coils for Sine and Cosine), is incorporated on a substrate with micro-multi-layer flex circuit technology. The scale is a stainless steel scale with a high-precision photolithographic etched periodic graduation (eg λ = 1000 microns) with variable reluctance.

Measuring Accuracy

The total measurement error of a measuring encoder is caused by the errors listed below:

  • Graduation Pattern Accuracy – Determined by the quality of the measuring scale.
  • Accuracy within the Graduation Pitch – Determined primarily by the quality of the sensor signal sensing the graduation pattern pitch, and the quality of the evaluation electronics of the scanning head.
  • In addition, for the measuring encoders with output interface 1 Vpp to consider the following:
  •  Accuracy of analog / digital conversion in the input stage of the subsequent electronics (control side).
  • Coupling of noise on the encoder output signal in the transmission of the sine wave signals to the subsequent electronics.

Pitch accuracy

Each linear/angular  scale is calibrated on a test bench and has a test certificate, which indicates the accuracy class meets the customer specified requirement. Optionally, an accuracy chart (measured under ideal assembly conditions) can be supplied.